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Holland/Farrer Rd/Queensway Interchange (1997)


In 1994, the company was awarded a major civil engineering contract, the Holland Road/Farrer Road/Queensway Interchange contract with a contract value of $45.8 million. This project comprised three levels of traffic crossing at the junction of Holland Road, Farrer Road and Queensway. The first level is a 540-metre-long three-lane dual carriageway flyover which crosses over the junction. The second level is a 375-metre-long depressed road and underpass which crosses under the junction. The third level is a signalised traffic junction on ground level.


During the 1990s, this project marked the largest push bridge constructed in Singapore, which was built incrementally from each side. This innovative push bridge technique helped to minimize disruption to the traffic area under the bridge.


As a testament to the success of the project, it was awarded with the Certificate of Merit from BCA Award for Construction Excellence 2000, Civil Engineering Projects Category.

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