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Bugis MRT (2011)


The C903 contract is an approximately S$582 million contract for the construction of DTL1 Bugis Station and its associated tunnels up to the contract boundaries with Contract 902 (Promenade Station and associated tunnels) and Downtown Line Stage 2 for the Land Transport Authority. It is part of the Stage 1 of a 3.4 kilometre underground line of the Downtown Extension of the Circle Line, to serve the Downtown at Marina Bay area, where an integrated resort and Singapore ‘s second botanical garden will be located.

Bugis Station will be an interchange station linking the existing East West Line by the paid and unpaid links at the station’s mezzanine and concourse levels, as well as with subway link between URA Development Site A and Site B, and also added integration with adjacent URA Developments Site & future developments.

Koh Brothers is successfully meeting the demands of this challenging project which include the demolition of the existing Rochor Road, associated drainage works, diversion of the existing roads to facilitate construction, demolition of the New 7th Storey Hotel and its existing structures as well as removal of foundations & remains within the area, diversion/ co-ordination of existing utilities services, relocation/ reinstatement of bus shelters, passenger pick-up points, handicapped drop-off points, covered link ways, other affected commuted facilities & associated M&E works, noise control etc,. Construction on the C903 is targeted for completion in 2013.

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